About us



PATAG is a brand which exists to provide every modern device user with high quality products, carefully designed with Filipino traditional artistry combined with contemporary art. We aim to spread cultural awareness and to promote our Filipino heritage.

We envision modern Filipinos acknowledging cultural diversity and societal equality in our country. We care about our fellow Filipinos, and believe that giving back to underserved communities in remote areas is a small but significant step in attaining equality. These communities deserve to thrive in our modern world and become connected to every Filipino.

Every modern device user showing respect and appreciation of our diverse Filipino culture

We seek to bridge the gap between Filipino tradition and modernity by way of our locally designed products.

Patag is a Filipino term which means ‘pantay’ or flat, and ‘makinis’ or smooth which literally describes our extended mouse pads or desk mats. We envision PATAG to speak about equality or ‘pagkakapantay-pantay'. The brand’s commitment is promoting cultural and societal equality by bridging the gap between modern society and Filipino ‘remote’ communities. As we borrow a piece of Philippine culture from our beloved communities, we are committed to unfailingly give back and share a portion of the sales profit from our products to Filipino communities we will be partnering with. This will be in-line with the brand’s value of sincerity, connecting people, and promoting equality.


Ikaw, kami, tayo ay PATAG.